Lorenz Valentino aka Dino is sharing some special moments from his daily life with Hollywood-Stars – at least it seems so…

Dino is painting on supermodel Cara Delevingne, is sitting on the shoulders of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or laying next to naked stars like Kayne West or Kim Kardashian within the cover of the controversial music video “Famous”. Additionally, he is on the Vogue´s cover with supermodel Gigi Hadid, shaving the legs of Victoria Beckham or tattooing her husband David on the back.

But who is this dubious Dino on Instagram?

His artist name is Lorenz Valentino, or even easier just Dino. The graphic designer from Mainz, Germany, is 25 years old and had the idea to upload quirky pictures of stars on the internet about one year ago. (Interview Bild)

With the help of Photoshop, the creative graphic designer is setting himself in the limelight with different Hollywood-Stars. His Photoshop skills are amazingly good, most of the pictures are actually looking remarkably realistic. Thinking like a designer, Instagram appeared as the easiest way to get his art across to people. To dress up like a dinosaur was a spontaneous idea of Lorenz and a friend.

„If I could actually meet any of the celebrities I’ve been photographed with…  I’d date Ellie Goulding and Emma Watson right off. Or, guy-wise, The Rock for sure.“

Meanwhile, Lorenz has over 35.000 followers on Instagram that are absolutely thrilled about his funny posts. And who is not secretly dreaming of blowing out the birthday cake candles with the Kardashian Clan or starting a gig with David Guetta?

Jooo @davidguetta loved the gig. But remember you still owe me #cash #dj #music #love #davidguetta #club #dinolife #dinolicious

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If your friends are going to show you some pictures of themselves posing with a celebrity in the near future – pay attention! Photoshop allows remarkably realistic fake pictures with stars!


Cover Photo: Facebook/Lorenz Valentino 

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