Doug the Pug is Rocking Instagram

2 million followers, over 900 posts and an active community: you thought we were talking about a person? Oh no, today we are taking a look at one of the most famous animal Instagram accounts! Yes, you got me right, Instagram is not only about celebrities, influencers or internet-orientated people, nowadays, there are as well more and more accounts of and for animals.

"It's almost pugkin spice latte season" -Doug

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Doug the Pug –the King of pop culture – inspires his followers with pictures of 70.000 up to far more than 100.000 likes on social networks like Instagram or Facebook. Furthermore, he is promoting his own merchandising articles, like caps, t-shirts or cups on his website, of course with funny pictures and quotes of the small pug.

His holder Leslie Mosier helped Doug to his huge internet success and keeps his loyal fans up to date.

"That moment when u realize u drunkenly ordered everything on Amazon" -Doug

A photo posted by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on



Cover Photo: Doug the Pug/Facebook

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