New tools for Instagram Stories

Users can now add polls to their stories

Ever wondered what outfit to wear? Making the right choice can be a tough decision – if you have difficulties making the right decision then Instagram has launched a new feature that will make your life easier.

The app lets users add polls to their stories, so your friends and followers can vote between two options and help you make the right decision. What sounds like a fun tool, could actually be a super useful feature for marketers who want to include their customers in the crucial decision making process.

Including polls to your Instagram story is a great way to interact with potential customers. By asking them for their opinion you give them the feeling that their vote matters – in return you will receive market research that won’t cost you a penny and which by the way is authentic because it comes from your fans.

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As soon as you have shared your polls, your followers can start voting and see real-time results. Anyone who voted on your poll will see which one of the options is in the lead. If they re-watch your story they will be updated with the latest results.

Like all stories, the poll is limited to a time period of 24 hours and will disappear afterwards. Therefore your fans and followers will have to react quickly if they want to participate and be part of the decision making process. This way you will receive authentic advice within less than a day.

To view your own results, swipe up to open the viewers list for that part of your story. It will not only show you which option has gathered the most votes but will also give detail on who has voted and which option they chose.

A new face filter for Instagram stories

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Besides the interactive poll stickers – Instagram has added a new face filter that allows you to brighten up the moment. While the days are getting shorter (at least in the northern hemisphere) a beam of light can improve almost every picture for the better, especially on these long and grey winter days.

The new face filter may used with Boomerang, Rewind and other camera formats and creative tools.

Image by [Jakob Owens]