#FRIYAY: caloriebrands is counting calories and ruining our appetite

#cheatday: who is not totally in love with the small sins that brighten up our day and satisfy our enormous appetite?

The Instagram account caloriebrands is definitely destroying our naive illusions on how bad fast food and sweets really are, by kicking them masterfully in the ass. The posts are showing us pictures with the real amount of calories in our so loved food (not only for 100 gram). By doing that destroying every illusion of “not that unhealthy” food. Right in front is the calorie bomb Nutella that reaches unbelievable 4.520 calories in only one pot! And do not forget that the German national team is the testimonial of Ferrero. They are eating not anything but Nutella after having a hard training. But as well as the fries from McDonalds, the drinks from Starbucks, chips from Pringles, chocolate from KitKat or even the pesto from Barilla are not getting away.

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And if the amount of calories is not yet enough daunting, there is as well a sticky slogan. For example in the case of Mars: „30 seconds on the lips, 30 days on the hips.“ Or Haribo-goldbears: „Kids and grown-ups love it so, the calories in Haribo“.

But what is the message behind the campaign of caloriebrands?

The Instagram account wants to show brands how to design their products, so that we are finally able to get our summer body! Because this daunting campaign would definitely keep us away from some secret and spontaneous purchases. But ­– of course – this is not at all the intention of companies. Therefore, this awareness campaign with more than 100.000 followers will stuck in our head as a creative, but unfortunately quite unrealistic idea.



Cover Photo: unsplash.com/Thomas Kelley

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