#FRIYAY: „Having no Job is my Job!“

Claudia Oshry became unemployed and started the Instagram account @girlwithnojob. As fate would have it, this account is her new job now!

Confusing? Oh yes! After getting fired within an PR-internship as a freshman at New York University, Claudia spontaneously started her Instagram account @girlwithnojob. Her motto: “My dream job is not needing one.”

At that time, she started posting content on Instagram five times a day, every day. Soon her Instagram community started growing. Right now she is having more than 2,3 million followers. But why is her account that successful? „A lot of the things that I post remind people of their friend, or they can relate to it so much that they feel the need to tag their friend and be like, ‚@Amanda, look at this. And that’s the best thing for me, ‚cause that’s how I grow.“ Oshry said in an interview with abc news.

On my way? (@mystylesays)

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GUYS IM DYING. My @Nightline segment is airing tonight at 12:35 AM ET!!!!!!

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The classic struggle. To stay in or to go out? ALWAYS STAY IN!

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Engagement is more important than the amount of followers

In Claudia´s opinion, the amount of followers is not that important, but rather the engagement. For example, accounts like the one of Britney Spears do have a lot of followers, but the engagement of @girlwithnojob within the comments is higher. That´s exactly what is making accounts like hers interesting for cooperation’s with companies or brands.

Furthermore, Claudia is swearing on constant analytics of her account. Like this, she is able to track which posts are successful and at which time her followers are most active. Her ten most popular posts are all dealing with topics like Netflix, the wish of not going out and of course food. Topics out of the daily life that everyone can relate to.

Authenticity is as well a quite important factor for the influencer. She stands for what she is writing. She is really watching Netflix, eating whatever she wants and not looking like a model.

Meanwhile, Claudia started a cooperation with the liquor brand Captain Morgan. What she is earning exactly is a secret. But for public performances, like recently at her own Captain Morgan party in Las Vegas, she probably earns 5.000 to 10.000 dollars.

„It’s a loophole because having no job is my job“

Claudia Oshry, ABC News’ „Nightline.“

New issue of @thearcadiaonline coming soon! #IamCurve

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Another big event in Claudia´s life is the recent engagement with her boyfriend Ben. He started a fitting Instagram account to hers, called @boywithnojob. Recently, he reached the 1 million follower mark.

If you want to analyze your Instagram account as well, have a look at the company squarelovin and register for free analytics now!

This is giving me ALL THE FEELS (@thehangrycrank)

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That's gonna be a no from me (@pupwithnojob)

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Sparkling rose for sure

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Cover Photo: unsplash.com/Yutacar

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