Instagramer is designing print advertisements on a daily base

„Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.

Art is knowing which ones to keep.“

-Scott Adams

#365daysofcopy Challenge on Instagram

Since two months, the Ukrainian designer Andrii Mishchenko is designing print advertisements on a daily base, which are published on Instagram afterwards. To challenge himself, Mishchenko set up the campaign #356daysofcopy, requiring him to upload those print ads every day for one year. In order to develop yourself and your own skills makes it necessary to constantly challenge yourself and furthermore get a new perspective on daily life situations.

After a random principle, he chooses a company, grapples with it and afterwards creates a fictive advertisement on Instagram. With humorous slogans and a reference to current affairs, brands such as Nike, McDonalds, Diesel, Durex, Aspirin, Whiskas and many more have been subject to his ads. In the meantime, he gained more than 5.000 follower and lively feedback for his campaign.


Just in case you are interested in following the designer and his campaign, take a look at his Account.


Cover Photo: Dávila

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