Why Instagram ad campaigns are that popular

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide, here are the reasons: with averagely 300 million users per day, 5,2 billion likes and 95 million new pictures every day, Instagram keeps its users on track. At the same time, the app is known as a high quality content platform, where more and more companies start profiting from User-Generated Content. Besides the organic reach, companies are able to directly address their target groups with Instagram ads. How that works? It is quite easy!

Instagram ads are going to appear as a picture or a video in the regular feed of the user. On the top right, the content is tagged with the comment sponsored and shows the consumers, that the post is commercial. At the bottom right one can click a button with a direct call to action. A click on the advertisement is forwarding the user to the landing page within the app. Good to know: the user cannot copy the URL neither does he have the option of sharing, saving or opening it on the desktop browser. If you want to include a link anyway, make sure to keep it short. Like this, it can be easily tipped manually into the browser. Furthermore, always try to include call to actions into your short description, for example one can point to current offers with a coupon code.

Diese gesponserte Anzeige animiert die User mit einer Call-to-Action dazu, direkt mit dem Rabattcode einkaufen zu gehen. Quelle: Instagram/parfumdreams.de
This sponsored ad activates the user with a direct coupon code for online shopping. Source: Instagram/parfumdreams.de

To facilitate the analysis of an account and respective advertisements, Instagram added the function Instagram Ad Statistics. It is separated into the three parts: Account Insight, Ad Insight and Ad Staging.

Account Insight: Shows you, how much attention your pictures get when it comes to impressions, reach and interaction.

Ad Insight: Shows the performance of your advertising campaigns with aspects like impressions, reach and advertisement frequency of your own advertisements.

Ad Staging: Enables you to work on future advertisement campaigns within your team.


#1 The Picture: Choose a picture that appears preferably organic to your users!

#2 The Link: Keep the link short, like this, it can be easily tipped manually into the browser!

#3 The Caption: Proactive is the motto: use your caption as a call to action and get even more attention!

#4 The Hashtag: Make use of your branded hashtag, less is often more!


Cover Photo: unsplash.com/Wojtek Witkowski

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