Like many other industries, the food industry can profit from a worthwhile Instagram presence. The benefits as well as the strategies to achieve them are described below.

There are barely any industries left that haven’t taken over Instagram. The platform is used to advertise brands, products and trends. In the same manner, Instagram users themselves highlight almost every industry through their own content. A great example of this two-sided approach is the food industry. Brands and businesses as well as regular Instagrammers have put a large focus on Instagram or promoting the sector on Instagram. Many brands of foods, drinks as well as restaurants, shops, cafés etc. can be found on Instagram. Likewise, almost ever user has at some point most likely shared an image of their food/drinks. And those who are real serious about the food business devote their whole account to the food industry, such as so-called “foodies”, food bloggers and Instagram food guides.

Next to having nice pictures to look at that make you hungry, what are benefits for corporate Instagram accounts from the food industry? The following overview gives an introduction in the way Instagram marketing is beneficial for brands and businesses from the food industry.

1. Great exposure for your products and your business

Your own content, users who share a snapshot of their visit at your restaurant or more professional insights from actual food bloggers: it all comes down to giving you great exposure. The visibility of your content grows with the amount of followers you have as well as with the amount of content that is connected to your account. You can reach wide audiences with your product and offer a variety of content to choose from when users are researching your account.

2. Instagram marketing is easy and free

You don’t need much to produce your own content. Most cellphone cameras produce high quality pictures, a quick edit here and there and you can produce a variety of great content fast and easy. Surely, setting a certain image you want to maintain is helpful and the larger your followerbase is, the more thought you will have to put into your content. But generally speaking, the content users are looking for is easy to produce and is most often less expensive and less hectic to generate than for example advertising campaigns.

3. Instagram serves as a new way of communicating with fans/visitors

The food industry has rather few touch points between business and fans/customers. Those are mostly just at the point of sale (in a restaurant or your store). With Instagram marketing you are able to communicate with your customers regardless of your own and their current location. You are able to reach them with your desired messages. Through likes and comments they are able to communicate back to you. This is a great asset for customer service and your brand image.

4. Attract fans beyond your usual reach

Lots of Instagrammers use the platform to research new foods, restaurants and products. This can be related to personal interests but often it involves traveling and the need for good spots to eat at. Where your location would normally have a harder time to attract new customers, an account with a solid number of followers and connections to other relevant accounts will help you generate interest and attract business beyond your usual reach.

Now many of you will agree that those are nice benefits but wonder how to achieve them. Here are our strategies to help you benefit from a successful Instagram account.

5. Promote your favorite food pictures

As Instagram turned food into a visual experience as much as it is a tasteful experience, high quality pictures are very important. This can include your favorite shots from your typical dish, your bestsellers or a new creation you are presenting. Pictures that make your food look nice are the number one priority for food related accounts on Instagram. Pay attention to natural lighting, nice presentation of plates and color palettes that go good together. Over time you will most likely develop a certain style that fits your product best. Try to showcase nice pictures on a regular basis and interaction will rise immediately.

Whether you tell your followers how to best cock a chicken, how to keep ice cream soft in a freezer or how to bake a cake that is extra soft inside. You are good at what you do and your followers will highly appreciate if you share little bits of helpful information on your account. Letting your customers in on some of your smaller secrets ensures your account is worthwhile for them to follow. Additionally, it creates a strong bond between you and those who enjoy your service/product.

7. Offer business insights when appropriate and possible

If you’re an established business or restaurant, users will be interested in the people behind the brand/business. Include information about your business such as your executive leader, the culinary genius behind your new creations or any business-related news that are of relevance for your followers. This personalizes your brand and makes it more accessible to your followers. It turns your account into an in-depth presentation of your brand and not just an outlet for self-promotion.

8. Encourage and use a branded hashtag

It can be your company name, a slogan or the desired image you have in mind for your account. Whichever way you go, a branded hashtag is of vital importance on Instagram. It collects all the content related to your business under a specific label. This allows other users to browse through all the content that was published in regard of your business or brand, serving as an extra format for product research. Additionally, you can review it for your own understanding of your customers and fans.

9. Analyze your account to optimize it

squarelovin offers in-depth Instagram Insights. They allow you to keep track of interactions and engagement on your account. In the long run, these can help you to improve your account. The analytics are free and accessible to anyone through our website. Check it out and take your Instagram account to the next level.

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