With the integration of link ads in autumn 2015, Instagram enabled advertisers for the first time to directly lead users to the products of a company. Therefore, the conversion rate was noticeably increasing. This new update is rolling out over the next months in order to make the call to action button more interactive.

In total, there are four significant changes:

#1 Highlighting

In order to animate users even more, the call to action button is going to be highlighted. That happens when the user is showing particular interest in an ad. For example, resting more than four seconds on the ad or clicking on the profile name. The call to action button is then highlighted in blue.

#2 Call to Action Button within Comments

If a user clicks on the profile of an ad, the call to action button appears below in the profile. Furthermore, the button should appear within the comment section of an ad from now on. As a result, Instagram users are able to directly communicate with the business without the need of searching an interaction field at all.

#3 Additional Information

From now on, additional information of an ad will be detected and automatically integrated within the call to action button. Possible information are for example prices, the URL or app store ratings.

#4 Video Ads with Interaction

In the area of video link ads, users are redirected to the destination URL when switching the sound on mute. The video continues playing on the top of the screen while the user is able to explore additional information on the landing page below.

With the new update, Instagram enables advertisers to improve their integrated call to action button. As a result, the Conversion Rate increases and you get the chance to reach your potential customers at the right time with the right message on Instagram!

About Anthea Bruger

Anthea was part of the squarelovin team from 2018 to 2019. In addition to her marketing management studies at the Northern Business School, she supported the marketing team, in content creation as an expert for all things Instagram.

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