In 2016, Instagram introduced the Business Account, to make it easier for brands and companies to present themselves on the platform and utilize Instagram for marketing purposes. In the middle of last year, Creator Accounts were added to the batch, which are structured similarly to classic business accounts, but are primarily designed for influencers. This blogpost provides you with everything you need to know on those two types of accounts and how to switch to them.

How does the change to a Business or Creator Account Work? 

  1. Open the account menu in the Instagram app using the icon in the top right corner of your profile, select “settings” and then “account”. Scroll down to the bottom and select “switch to a professional account”, there you can choose between “Business” and “Creator”. 
  2. As soon as you have decided, you’ll have to connect your Facebook page with the Instagram profile. To do this, you must be the administrator of the Facebook Business Page (and have been for at least 7 days) or log in with your private Facebook profile.
  3. As soon as both accounts are connected, data such as address, telephone number and email is automatically transferred from your Facebook page to your Instagram profile. In the same turn, the additional contact button will appear in your profile.
  4.  Tap “done” and you’re ready to go. 

What is an Instagram Business Account?

Instagram business accounts offer a number of useful additional functions for brands and companies. For example, basic insights into the performance of posts and stories, a small analysis of general profile performance and an evaluation of your audience. In addition, a prominent contact button in the profile helps simplify communication between users and companies.

General insights

You can access the general insights for your Instagram Business Account via the menu item “Insights.” There you find a subdivision into “activity”, “content” and “audience”. The “activity” item provides you with information on the reach of your stories and posts over the past 7 days. The “activity” tab shows how your reach looked in general over the past week and visualizes in a diagram on which days your reach and impressions were the strongest. You can also see the number of your profile views and website clicks from the last 7 days there. Last but not least, the “audience” section provides insights into the origin and age of your followers. You can also see at a glance how your followership has developed in the past week and when most of your followers are online.

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Source: Instagram

Post Insights

You can also learn quite a bit about individual posts through Business Insights in the Instagram App. For example, you can learn about profile views generated through specific posts, the number of followers you might have gained, find out how big the reach of your post was and how users became aware of it. The latter is particularly useful for analyzing which hashtags generate the most engagement and impressions, i.e. are the most efficient for your posts. You can get to the Post Insights easily by clicking on “view insights” at the bottom left of the respective post.

Source: Instagram

Story Insights

In addition to Post Insights, the Instagram Business Account also provides you with basic Instagram Story Insights. For example, you can see how often your stories were tapped back and forth, how many users interacted with your stories, but also how many left your stories prematurely. You can either access the insights directly via the respective story as long as it is online in your profile by tapping on “seen by” and then clicking on the diagram icon, or by calling up the general insights already mentioned above and looking under “stories” and “show all”. There you can trace insights for your stories back  for up to 14 days.

Get in touch more easily

In addition to the versatile insights, the Instagram Business Account also offers an additional contact option, which makes it easier for users to enter into dialogue with your company or brand. Parallel to the standard direct messaging option, the business profile also allows you to add a telephone number and an email address, that can be called up directly by clicking a button in the profile. Besides that, there is also the option of creating a button with directions to your store or office.


With an Instagram business profile, you can also promote your posts via the Facebook Ads Manager. You can place promotions on individual posts or stories, which are then displayed to users who do not yet follow you. By doing so, you have a good chance of significantly expanding your reach. If you’re interested in the topic, make sure to check out our whitepaper on social ads.

How does the Creator Account differ from a Business Account?

Instagram’s Creator Profile is specially designed for bloggers and influencers and therefore comes with a number of further functions that make it easier to interact with the community and manage cooperations. Creators will find an additional tab (“creator”) in their Instagram settings, which features these additional functions. There you can manage “promotion payments” and cooperation partners, save “quick replies” and set a minimum age for followers. The “quick reply” function is particularly advantageous for accounts with a high number of followers. It allows your to create templates for frequently asked questions, which can then be sent out directly if required. The app internal insights are the same for business and creator profiles.

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