With over 500 million users per month on average, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks and therefore has a great potential to push your online shop. In the last few years there have been numerous of possibilities for upgrading the shop content with Instagram content.

The keyword is User Generated Content (UGC). But what exactly do I have in mind as a company? How do I get the rights of an Instagram image on Instagram? And why can I as a company push my online shop through this?

How do brands profit from Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing sharing app where users can upload content with their private profiles and share them with their community. More and more companies create an account there and regulary feed him with unique visual content that inspires customers and followers. With “branded hashtags” and many other promotions, companies market their online shop and their products to push them. Furthermore this ensures that consumers upload images from products, tag the company or use their branded hashtag on social media. Through the integration, users receive online shop inspiration – how this can work concretely, you can read in our blog article on the topic.

How can squarelovin help you?

An example would be reposting the content on your own company profile. First, the copyright on Instagram must be requested, so that images, videos, etc. may be used thereafter, for example, to be integrated directly into the online shop. Automated user-generated content platforms manage the content for you, ask Instagram image rights automatically and embed the content in the respective online shop. This will make the shopping experience more authentic for customers and you can push your online shop. Our statistics show that the majority of customers trust UGC more than product photos of companies or retailers. More than 65 percent of users are according to surveys before buying user-generated content apart. So simplify the shopping experience by showing it directly in your online shop for example through integrating inspiring social walls. Your consumers are informed with just a few clicks and can make purchasing decisions based on real content. This is a particularly successful way to push your online shop. If you want to learn how to embed Instagram content on your website or how to make the most of Social Content, feel free to check out our related blog articles.

“On average, the conversation rate of our customer Paul Hewitt increased fourfold through the integration of User Generated Content into our own online shop”, explains Moritz Finke, CEO and founder of squarelovin. Source: Paul Hewitt

Optimize your own Instagram account and push your online shop in a few steps:

  1. Connect social media channels
  2. Upload high quality and relevant content
  3. Use meaningful branded hashtags – and not just Instagram
  4. Call-to-Action: Activate your community
  5. Collaborate with influencers
  6. Analyze your success with professional providers

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