Micro Influencers are the future medium of advertising! Micro Influencers are influencers with a relatively low number of followers whose engagement rate is disproportionately high.

What is Micro Influencer Marketing?

Micro Influencer Marketing describes marketing with influencers whose typical follower number is around “only” 500 – 5,000, which largely consists of family, friends and acquaintances. Nevertheless, it is characterized by a high level of activity and a loyal following.

Why should these users be the advertising medium of the future? The answer is simple: They advertise unsolicitedly by sharing experiences and recommendations with their friends. Due to the low number of fans, they have a relatively high interaction rate and the opinion of these micro influencers is often times perceived as more authentic than it is with larger influencers. After all, the more successful and larger the influencer becomes, the greater the distance between the influencer and his followers becomes.

Certainly the visual content produced by micro influencers is more authentic, because they are not asked to share and the content is not posed. They are mostly specialists in one specific field of interest for example family, sports, food or fashion. This means that the content of these users is mainly about only one of these topics and this addresses exactly their target group.

Why Micro Influencer Marketing?

The moment a company decides to work with influencers, a lot of research goes into finding out which influencer suits the company best, to make sure the content is authentic and does not look artificial. The visual content of the influencer also should fit into the target group of the company. The more followers the influencer  has, the more difficult it becomes. For example, if Adidas collaborates with Lionel Messi, who has over 110 million followers on Instagram, the company reaches a big crowd of people, but only a small part will be the target group for sportswear. The visual content that the influencer shares has to fit in with the company’s target group in order to not only get the necessary reach, but succeed with the campaign.

So there are many aspects to coordinate and in the end, the financial aspect also has to match. Depending on how many followers an influencer has, the amount for a post starts at around 5.000€ per post. Of course, this quickly becomes apparent in the company’s budget. Micro Influencers, on the other hand, earn little or no money with their posts. This often makes their visual content more brand-loyal, because they are truly convinced of the product. They are not trying to convince someone to get excited about the product, they just share their opinion without being asked.

How do I find the right micro influencer as a company?

The advantage of micro influencers is that you do not have to search for them – they come to you. For example, as a company, you can start a campaign where you ask your customers to post a photo on social media after purchasing and link it to your products. Quickly you are able to collect a big amount of content about your products. Another micro influencer marketing campaign is the creation of a branded own hashtag. The hashtag should fit with your business or products so your customers can identify it as “your” hashtag. Your Customers will be able to upload a picture showing one of your products and comment them with your hashtag or use it in the caption. So you are always updated, when a new photo has been uploaded with one of your products and you can quickly respond to it and possibly request it for your own promotional purposes.

Best Practise Case: Paul Hewitt #getanchored

One of the best examples of using a branded hashtag is the jewelry and watch manufacturer Paul Hewitt. They collect their visual content with their branded hashtag #getanchored. The logo of the brand is an anchor, so the hashtag fits in perfectly with the company and is easily recognizable for the customers. When ordering a product, the customer will receive a small card in addition to their product, asking them to take a picture of the product, add the hashtag and post it on Instagram.

To make this micro influencer marketing campaign work, the company needs to show that they also put a lot of value on its branded hashtag. For this purpose, the company itself comments each of their pictures which they upload on their Instagram account with the hashtag #getanchored. So they encourage their clients to do it right away. This way, the company easily makes sure that the customers upload their visual content with the same text and imagery as the company. Additionally, this is consolidating the brand image.

Why are Micro Influencers so interesting for companies?

A great benefit of working with micro-influencers is that your company is able to reduce the costs of your visual content. By not having to produce any or at least fewer high quality stock photos, the company can use the saved budget for other projects. In addition, it is much more authentic when the company uses images made by real customers for their advertising purposes. The positive effect is that it makes advertising much more believable as people are already happy with the products, because they bought it themselves. By using micro Influencer marketing campaigns, a company is quickly able to generate a big amount of visual content. Satisfied customers feel flattered when they are allowed to participate in a marketing campaign from one of their favorite brands. Such campaigns also strengthen the customer loyalty by making customers part of the companies’ corporate communication. The customers feel valued and will gladly recommend the company and its products to their friends or relatives.

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