Communities such as Instagram are defined by the interaction of users among each other. Whether you are liking, commenting or publishing a regram – interaction is the key.

How do I Create a Good Regram?

A regram is a repost of content that another user has created. Therefore, this content is under the copyright of someone else. This fact makes it crucial to be clear within you regram that the content is not yours. Instagram itself does not offer a regram feature within the app, but with a few tips you can realize this on your own.

In my opinion, screenshots are a not really elegant solution for a regram. For sure, the original poster is clear, but it does not look good at all.

The app Repost for Instagram (for Android and Apple) presents a free and elegant solution.

Within the last step, you are able to write a caption. If you want to keep the original caption, simply click in the text field and choose paste. The app will copy the original itself. To mark your regram even more clearly, it is a good idea to add #regram as well as @username. Doing so, you are definitely staying on the safe side.

Of course there are variety of apps with comparable features, do your research and decide for yourself which one is the best for you.

Regram – but what?

Now, you know how to create a regram. Next, you should think about what kind of regrams are best for your company. Be picky when it comes to the selection of regrams. It should fit to your brand image as well as support your message. Put yourself in the position of you followers and ask yourself, what kind of content could be interesting.

A good example is PAUL HEWITT. The manufacturer of watches is posting regrams with User Generated Content on Instagram on a regular basis. The high quality pictures are showing watches of real people in their daily life and therefore make the brand content authentic.

Topics for Regrams:

  • User-Generated Content of products and services

  • Tips or tutorials that your community can profit from

  • Products or services of cooperating partners

  • Motivational quotes according to the branch

  • Content that represents a style or a specific topic according to your company

On average, 80 million pictures per day have been uploaded on Instagram in 2016. If you are searching in the right corner, you are surely going to find some fitting content.

Furthermore, the Benefits of Regrams Speak for Themselves:

  • High quality content that a user already created, you just need to profit from it without working for it

  • A change of perspective within your account, you are putting yourself in the position of a follower and get relatable content

  • The trust and engagement within your community increases

  • You are honoring the work of others

  • Last but not least you are creating room for discussions and interactions – and that is what a good Instagram account is living from after all!

You Have Enough of Complicated Regrams?

If you want to make use of User-Generated Content without the need of work intensive regrams or watermarks across your pictures – profit from squarelovin’s User Generated Content platform. With only a few clicks, you are able to ask for the media usage rights and afterwards integrate the high quality Content into different kind of marketing activities. The software enables you to search, manage and analyze your content. Furthermore, the Digital Rights Management System asks for licenses of pictures you are interested in, without any work on your side.

Get the best out of unique and high quality User Generated Content related to your brand with the help of our intelligent software!

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