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Deinfluencing: Everything you need to know about the new social media trend

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A new trend has established itself in social media marketing: Deinfluencing. While influencer marketing continues to be one of the most relevant and fastest-growing disciplines in online marketing, deinfluencing is a new trend that is heading in exactly the opposite direction in terms of content. In this article, you will find out how deinfluencing came about, how the trend is developing and what impact it has on brands. 

1. What are deinfluencers?

As their name suggests, deinfluencers are the exact opposite of traditional influencers. Instead of promoting and hyping products, deinfluencers often criticize trendy products and promote more conscious and critical consumption. They question the authenticity and benefits of many advertised products and advocate transparency and honesty. 

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2. Why is Deinfluencing so successful?

The deinfluencing trend has emerged as a reaction to the increasing oversaturation and commercialization of influencer marketing. Many consumers have lost trust in influencers as they feel that they are more interested in sales than authentic recommendations. 

The lifestyle of the influencers is also crucial here. In particular, large and established influencers such as @carmushka or @novalanalove have lost the trust of their community to some extent, as the lifestyle of the mega influencers now differs greatly from that of their own community and their followers can identify less and less with the everyday life presented to them on their profiles.

In addition, there is a growing skepticism towards the culture of materialism and an increased awareness of sustainability and conscious consumption. Deinfluencer caters to precisely these needs for transparency and authenticity.

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3. What makes Deinfluencer stand out?

Deinfluencers are characterized by a number of features that distinguish them from traditional influencers:

  • Critical attitude: Deinfluencers question the necessity and benefits of products and often highlight their weaknesses. They often also directly name alternatives that are cheaper or more sustainable.
  • Transparency: They value honesty and openly share their personal opinions, even if they are negative.
  • Authenticity: Deinfluencers focus on authentic content that is not exclusively based on sponsored deals. Unlike traditional influencers, it is not in their interest to portray brands particularly well and encourage their followers to make purchases
  • Focus on added value: Instead of promoting consumption, they offer their followers valuable content that contributes to self-improvement or sustainable consumption.

4. Challenges for brands

Despite – or perhaps because of – their special attitude, deinfluencers can be a relevant lever for brands to place their products on social media. However, there are a few points to bear in mind:

  • Criticism and honesty: Brands must be prepared to accept honest feedback, which is not always positive. Deinfluencers will only recommend products on their profile if they really believe in them.
  • Credibility: Working with deinfluencers requires authentic communication and freedom in the creation of content. Presenting a deinfluencer with a pre-scripted briefing will not work.
  • Long-term relationships: Instead of short-term collaborations for individual campaigns, brands should focus on long-term partnerships to gain the trust of a deinfluencer’s community.

5. Opportunities for brands

If implemented correctly, collaboration with Deinfluencers can offer significant added value for brands and build great trust in social media communities. The following points therefore speak in favor of working with Deinfluencers: :

  • Strengthen authenticity: By working with deinfluencers, brands can increase their authenticity and credibility.
  • Reach new audiences: Deinfluencers often appeal to a target group that is skeptical of traditional advertising and can thus tap into new customer groups.
  • Improved products: Honest feedback can help brands to further develop their products and adapt them to the needs of consumers.

6. Will deinfluencing establish itself in the long term? 

Deinfluencing is often perceived by followers as more honest and authentic than pure product recommendations. Deinfluencers who speak openly about products that have not convinced them therefore gain credibility particularly quickly. 

As this credibility is becoming increasingly important in the context of influencer marketing, deinfluencing could fill precisely this gap – provided that both brands and influencers find a constructive way of dealing with each other.

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The deinfluencer trend is an exciting development that brings both challenges and opportunities for brands. By understanding the characteristics and needs of this new breed of influencers, you can successfully collaborate with them and position your brand in a more authentic and credible way. Prepare for honest and transparent communication and use the feedback to continuously improve your products and services.

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