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Instagram algorithm update: How to achieve maximum reach in 2024

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As a content creator or brand on Instagram, your goal is usually to reach as many users as possible with your content. It is particularly important to be suggested to users who do not yet follow you. However, it is usually not you who decides which content is suggested to whom, but Instagram’s algorithm. In this blog post, you can find out which signals the Instagram algorithms will rate positively in 2024 and how your content can achieve maximum reach.

How does the Instagram algorithm work? 

First of all, it is important to clarify: There is not just one algorithm on Instagram. In different areas of the platform, different automatisms take effect that influence the ranking of content. For example, there is an algorithm for stories, the feed, reels and the Explore section. Although they are all different, they basically work in the same way. Instagram collects data on user activity, i.e. what they look at, what they like and where they comment.

But even though user behavior has a big influence on who sees which content, there are still a few tricks you can use to ensure that Instagram classifies your content as particularly relevant and increases your reach.

Original content is highlighted by the Instagram algorithm 

In future, Instagram wants to reward creators more for creating their own content by ensuring that pages that only aggregate and repost content do not receive any reach in the Explore section or suggested posts. As soon as Instagram discovers the same content twice, it will be filtered and only the original will be recommended.

Tip: If you as a brand enter into a collaboration with an influencer and also want to share the content on your brand account, the best option is to use Instagram’s co-posting function. This way, the post is shared on both profiles and both feeds without being considered duplicate content by Instagram.

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Stick to one topic or subject area

Your primary goal on Instagram should be to build a community that is interested in your content and follows your content with interest. The easiest way to achieve this is to make your content as specific as possible. Ideally, you should only cover one topic area that you are particularly passionate about or in which you are particularly well versed. This makes it much easier to target a specific niche and gain active followers. 

This also makes it easier for Instagram to categorize your content and suggest it to users who are interested in this topic.

Share a variety of content

This is not about the topic of your content. As described above, you should remain as consistent as possible here. What you should definitely vary, however, is the nature of your posts.

Since their launch in 2021, reels have been heavily favored by the algorithms in the feed and in suggestions. However, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced in one of his Instagram livestreams a few months ago that the algorithm will change so that the choice between reels, stories and simple posts as well as carousels will be more balanced by the algorithm.

The Instagram Reels algorithm in 2024

The Reels algorithm is perhaps even the most critical on Instagram, but at the same time the one that allows content to go viral the fastest if it meets the right requirements.

For example, reels that last over 90 seconds are not extended in the Explore feed or as suggested posts for users. Instagram justifies this by stating that users are more likely to interact with shorter content. Reels under 90 seconds are therefore preferred to encourage engagement.

Reels that have too low a resolution, contain watermarks, have no sound or a border or consist mainly of text are also penalized.  Instagram also restricts the reach of Reels that focus on political content – unless users have actively consented to the display of political content.

Make sure to post regularly

To achieve the best possible results with your posts, consistency is particularly important. Meta itself recommends posting 3-5 times a week. However, some brands and creators report that they achieve the best results with daily posts. Irregular posting can negatively impact the algorithm and result in your posts not being suggested to other users as often.

Use the right hashtags 

Although hashtags have become less relevant on Instagram in recent years due to the constant development of the various algorithms on the platform, they can still have a positive influence on your reach.

However, you should keep the following things in mind when using hashtags:

1. Use specific hashtags: there are sometimes millions of posts under very general hashtags and new ones are constantly being added. As a result, your post will quickly get lost and the hashtag will not give it any additional reach.

2. Use hashtags that specifically match your posts: While you can use niche-specific hashtags related to the overall topics of your account in each of your posts, you should also use hashtags that specifically relate to the topics of individual posts. This makes it easier for users who are looking for information on this specific topic to find your content.

3. Use only 5-8 hashtags: This is the golden mean. With more or fewer hashtags, you will not achieve a better rating of your content by the algorithm. Important: The hashtags must also be included directly in the description of the post.


Even though it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of the various algorithms and their characteristics on Instagram, there are a few ways and possibilities to positively influence them. Nevertheless, the most important aspect for reach on Instagram is and remains to define your niche and your target group as precisely as possible. If you manage to do this, the tips and tricks in this blog post will give you an extra boost.

About Laura Oberbüscher

About Laura Oberbüscher

Laura has been part of the squarelovin team since 2019 and has a degree in English. As an expert in social commerce and e-commerce, she regularly contributes to the creation of content here in the blog and also in the squarelovin knowledge area.

All articles from Laura Oberbüscher

About Laura Oberbüscher

Laura has been part of the squarelovin team since 2019 and has a degree in English. As an expert in social commerce and e-commerce, she regularly contributes to the creation of content here in the blog and also in the squarelovin knowledge area.

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