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How to create an Instagram Business Account

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According to surveys, 76% of all companies already use Instagram for marketing purposes. In this blog post, you will learn about the potential of the platform for brands and why it is worth it to create a Business or Creator Account.

Instagram has noticed its potential as a marketing platform just in time and thus introduced the Instagram Business Account in 2016. This feature offers many companies and brands the opportunity to get closer to their customers, interact with them, win more customers, promote and sell their products or services. According to a survey conducted by Social Media Examiner last year, 76% of companies are already using Instagram for marketing purposes. 

If you are wondering now, if it’s worth it to switch to a Business Account, read the following section. Let the benefits convince you and take the opportunity to convert your account directly to a Business or Creator Profile.

Who is an Instagram Business or Creator Account suitable for? 

According to Facebook studies, customers prefer brands that are present on Instagram over brands that are not. Customers often discover new products and services on Instagram or get information before making a purchase decision. Visual content is very suitable as a source of inspiration and offers social proof. In addition, an Instagram account is a great way to interact with your customers. 

The Business Profile is ideal for retailers, local businesses, brands, organizations or service providers. For public figures, content creators, artists or influencers, in may 2019, Instagram introduced another membership option called Creator Account. If you want to promote your business and reach more customers, these two account options bring important advantages as they have significantly more features compared to a private account. 

In contrast to the Business Account, the Creator Account has functions that are specifically tailored to the needs of influencers and public figures. Messages can be managed, prioritized and edited individually. Additional category tags are available and the contact button can be hidden. You also get exclusive access to the Instagram Creator Studio dashboard.  

Instagram Insights

With a Business Account, you get an overview of statistics related to your profile in your Instagram application. You get basic information about the development of your follower numbers and profile views. You can also see how many visitors have reached your website via your Instagram profile. You’ll see the reach of individual posts and whether your followers have finished watching or skipped your stories. You can see how your followers react to the content. The geographic and demographic background information you get about your followers is also interesting. This allows you to narrow down your target group and take a closer look at it. 

You can view and export detailed insights and automated reports on your Instagram performance with our squarelovin Instagram Analytics software.

Advanced profile options of the Business Account

In contrast to a private account, more information can be mentioned in the bio, e.g. the location, which opens automatically in Apple Maps or Google Maps with one tap. A very interesting feature in the Business or Creator Account is the “call to action” button which can be used to contact, book or order directly. Posts that have already been posted can also be easily converted into an ad afterwards. When you have a verified account or over 10,000 followers you can implement links in your stories that take you directly to a website or product page. 

Take advantage of these features to increase your reach, conversion rate, and of course, your sales! The Instagram Business Account is completely free. Best of all, with your Instagram Business or Creator Account, you can use the squarelovin analytics app to learn even more about your profile performance!


How to switch to an Instagram Business or Creator account

In order to set up an Instagram Business profile, you must have a Facebook Business Page. If you don’t already have one, here’s a quick guide on how to create a business page: 

Create a Facebook business page on a computer 

  1. One requirement for creating a business page is that you already have a personal Facebook profile.

  2. Log in to your profile and press the nine points in the top right corner right next to your profile name.

  3. create-instagram-business-account-facebook-website-step-1_en
  4. “Page” appears in the menu. Click on it.

  5. create-instagram-business-account-facebook-website-step-2_en
  6. Now an empty page will directly open.

  7. create-instagram-business-account-facebook-website-step-3_en
  8. On the left side you have to give your page a name and assign it to a category. After that, a button “create page” appears.

  9. create-instagram-business-account-facebook-website-step-4_en
  10. Also on the left side you can add a profile and title picture or skip this option.

  11. create-instagram-business-account-facebook-website-step-5_en
  12. Then press “Save” and voilà, the page is created.

  13. Finally, you can add the contact button to your page. You have a choice of contact options like call, email, book, order and many more.

  14. create-instagram-business-account-facebook-website-step-6_en

Create a Facebook page on your cell phone 

Alternatively, a Facebook page for a company can also be created on the smart phone:

This video shows you how to create a Facebook page on your smart phone.

Changing the profile in the Instagram app

Below, we will briefly explain how you can convert an existing private Instagram profile to a business profile.

This video shows you how to change your private Instagram profile to a business profile.
About Layla Link

About Layla Link

Layla supported the squarelovin team in 2021 as an intern. Her main focus was on SEO and marketing trends.

All articles from Layla Link

About Layla Link

Layla supported the squarelovin team in 2021 as an intern. Her main focus was on SEO and marketing trends.

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