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23 exciting social media trends for 2023

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How can your brand excel in 2023? How can you reach your target group and attract new customers for your brand? In fact, at the end of 2022, there were around 4.59 billion social media users worldwide (see Statista) – and 13 new users are joining every second. This growth is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it offers you and your company the chance to win over many new potential customers from TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and the like. On the other hand, your company can quickly drawn amidst the mass of content on the various platforms. That makes it all the more important to know about current developments in the marketing world. That is exactly why we are presenting you with 23 exciting social media trends for 2023 in this post.

Facts and statistics for social media trends 2023

Not only is the number of users increasing every year, but the amount of time spent on social media platforms continues to rise. On average, a user spends around two and a half hours a day on social media (see datareportal).


TikTok and YouTube are platforms on which most time is spent at one sitting, with around 7:30 minutes per session (see datareportal). Facebook and Instagram follow with 3:45 minutes and 2:39 minutes each, Twitter and Snapchat are at the lower end of the scale. In this respect, users do not focus on just one platform; on the contrary, they use several social media services at the same time, with an average of 7 different platforms per month (see datareportal), on which they interact with content and share images and videos.

But that does not mean that your brand needs to be active on each of these platforms as well. The social media trends for this year should rather serve you as orientation, in which direction the market is developing and help you and your marketing team to keep current trends in mind for long-term planning. Therefore, always focus on networks in which your community is most active.

Short-form video content is the format of the moment

Short-form videos are at the top of the 2023 social media trends and are currently one of the most sought-after content formats for users. This is particularly evident on TikTok and YouTube: In 2022, the number of monthly active users on TikTok rose from almost 666 million to 755 million users (see statista). Short-form video content is also very popular on YouTube: Around 1.5 billion users consume YouTube shorts every month (see socialmediatoday).


To further drive this development, the social media platform recently published a monetization update, which will allow more creators to participate in the YouTube Partnership Program from February 2023 and replace the old YouTube Shorts Fund with a revenue share for YouTube Shorts.

For your brand, YouTube Shorts are currently a promising way to increase your brand awareness and attract new followers. A cost-effective method to get your target group hooked with authentic and interesting content is User Generated Video Content (UGC). This content is more trustworthy than other classic media forms, such as brand content, due to social proof. In our blog post on the topic, we have summed up the best marketing examples for using UGC videos from your own community for you.

Personalized and entertaining social media ads will bring the most success in 2023

In 2021 the revenue for online advertising in Germany alone amounted to just under twelve billion euros but is expected to rise to as much as 16.1 billion euros by 2026, according to Statista. This means that, in addition to new content formats and positioning on social and sustainable topics, targeted ads on Instagram, TikTok and the like hold huge potential for drawing attention to your company and increasing sales.


In 2023, the focus in social commerce lies on personalization and entertainment. According to TikTok’s 2023 Trend Report, personalized, humorous, and diverse ads in particular offer great potential for success this year. But how can this growing demand for authentic content be met?

One way to fill your content gap and produce content adapted to each platform is to work with selected influencers. Here, Micro Influencer Marketing offers a cost-effective alternative to cooperating with mega influencers. You can find more options for visual content production as well as different advantages and disadvantages of the individual content types in our blog post on the topic.

Approachable influencers, diversity and sustainability are the focus of Social Media Trends 2023

The social media landscape is constantly changing and users are becoming more demanding. Personal relationships with influencers are more important than ever. This is also confirmed by Instagram’s Social Media Trend Report 2023: Around a third of Gen Z want to meet creators and influencers at trade shows or meet & greets.


In addition, social topics are also very important in terms of social media trends for 2023. According to the annual Nielsen Marketing Report, more than half of U.S. consumers surveyed buy from companies that support projects and issues relevant to them. It only makes sense for your brand to position yourself clearly on topics like diversity, inclusion and sustainability. In this way, you gain the attention and purchasing power of your target group and establish long-term brand loyalty.

Social Media Trends 2023: Human and personal interaction converts

Metaverse, NFTs, AI tools. – In a marketing-world that is becoming increasingly complex and artificial, there is a growing desire for human interaction and personal communication. It is not a coincidence that personal interaction with opinion leaders is in the social media trends in 2023. Humanizing your brand and making it approachable will also be more important than ever this year.

If your brand uses storytelling in marketing or visual content that depicts people and faces like for example branded content, it will appear more approachable and trustworthy (see researchgate). More trust in a company in turn leads to higher sales figures, which is confirmed by a survey conducted by salsify: 44 percent of the consumers surveyed say they would pay more for brands they trust.

In addition to humanizing your brand, approachability and trust can also be generated by personalizing the customer experience. Customized offers and recommendations strengthen customer loyalty and increase the willingness to buy your products: 91 percent of consumers buy more from companies that present them with relevant offers and recommendations (see accenture).

To learn how you can use visual Social Content in different ways to personalize the user experience and increase trust in your brand, have a look at our blog post on the topic.

Social proof checklist

Download our checklist now to have the key facts and to-dos about social proof at your fingertips.

Personal, concise, authentic – these are the social media trends 2023

Constant changes are the norm in marketing and especially in the social media world. Only by consistently staying on top of the game can you jump on trends that are relevant to your brand at the right time. In the Social Media Trends 2023, the focus is primarily on personalization of the customer journey and the further development of content formats such as short-form videos. In the Influencer Marketing world, personal exchange, approachability, and authenticity are more compelling this year than ever before.

To set your business apart from the competition and position yourself well with your target audience, it is wise to follow relevant trends. This requires individual, authentic content that you curate cost-effectively via User Generated Content, for example. Depending on the goal of the content and campaigns, however, it can also make sense to conduct targeted influencer relationship marketing or to place direct orders with creators.

Social Media Trends 2023 Infographic

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About Pia Winckler

About Pia Winckler

Pia studies humanities and already has work experience in online marketing. Since February 2022, she has been supporting the squarelovin team in creating content for the blog. Her focus is mainly on influencer marketing and influencer campaign management.

All articles from Pia Winckler

About Pia Winckler

Pia studies humanities and already has work experience in online marketing. Since February 2022, she has been supporting the squarelovin team in creating content for the blog. Her focus is mainly on influencer marketing and influencer campaign management.

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